I'm Reando, but you can call me h4t4way. I'm penetration tester and occasionally a bug hunter.

Lover of WebSec I always like to find something wrong and fix it .. !! :) Fan of computer science since I was child and have been in the world of security for five and a half years.

Started many years ago studing IT at school and university where i learned JAVA,C,C ++ and so on.
  • knowledge of Network Infrastructure Testing (IP, TCP,DNS, Routing, Firewall, Wireshark, MITM)
  • knowledge of Web Application Security Testing (OWASP methodology)
  • CERT Notifications, software security approvals
  • Web Application DAST, SAST, OSS scans
  • knowledge languages as PHP,Python, Javascript, Golang
I'm founder of Pentesting Made Simple an Italian community where we speak about Pentesting, Bug Bounty and Ethical Hacking in general.

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